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The Problem

A lot of Income Earners and Leaders go into “Manager Mode” After a certain Time because they think they need to manage their entire team and make sure they are all doing what they should be. WRONG!! Focus on the 20/80 Rule 20% of your people should get 80% of your time. You can take […]

Words For Thought

Most people only see top earners and leaders with their current success and they do not always understand everything it took to get to the point they are at! Understand that most leaders went through struggles, 1000s of No’s, Giving up crossed their mind, they Did not want to Recruit, Did not want to do […]

Manifestation Mindset

Most people limit their ability by their mindset and their belief level. Most people go through life thinking that they cannot become successful, that they will never live the life of their dreams, that things are “to good to be true” or “Not for them”….But in my experience the 3% both financially and with mindset […]