Words For Thought

Most people only see top earners and leaders with their current success and they do not always understand everything it took to get to the point they are at!

Understand that most leaders went through struggles, 1000s of No’s, Giving up crossed their mind, they Did not want to Recruit, Did not want to do another meeting, Did not want to talk in front of people, Failed miserably at a home event, Messed up on a 3 way or conference call, DeRanked a couple times, Stayed up late nights reading and self developing, Sacrificed many things…….

I will be completely honest…The most deceptive marketing is when you only see top leaders and earners living life, driving nice cars, Traveling, giving great presentations but you have no perspective of what it took to get to that point.

Most leaders almost make it look too easy, and make it seem that if you just talk to a couple people and read a couple books you will be successful. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!(Just take a look at REAL leaders photos as well from years back for an idea)

I truly believe you can make part time income in this industry by following the system and working it part time but full time income will take a lot of struggle, failure, Wanting to give up, and emotions! SOME people can deal with it but most cannot.

Ask yourself this……Why do people quit school? Why do people quit the gym? Why do people give up learning something new?

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